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INDIA’s most exciting and one of the biggest bouldering Gym with 1,300 square feet of climbing surface with walls up to 15 feet high. Extensive bouldering terrain and training equipment with personal trainer.

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Biggest bouldering Gym with 1,300 square feet of climbing surface


Monday to Sunday 5pm – 9pm. We are the only gym open all seven days except few holidays.

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Expert trainers with more than 25 years of experience


Extensive bouldering terrain and training equipment with personal trainer.

Demo Program

Free session to understand the basics of climbing for the first time participant

New to Climbing?

If you have never tried climbing before, you will need to book onto with one of our introductory sessions. Get started here!


Indoor climbing really is the sport for anyone. Find out why by watching climbing movie filmed at our climbing centre in Pune.


Find out what to expect during your visit to Rock Aliens Gym by taking a visit to our gym or visit our IMAGE GALLERY.


You must be an experienced climber age 18+ to climb unsupervised. Under 18s must be supervised by a competent registered adult.

New to Climbing?

Why do we climb? Some of us come to this sport for a sense of adventure. Some want the thrill of being high above the ground. Some of us love the physical and mental challenge of figuring out how to push your body up the wall.

Some of us just want to get out of the house. Whatever the reason, rock climbing can be a very intimidating sport to get started with. Rock Aliens specializes in offering climbing experiences for new climbers, as well as seasoned rock jocks. The purpose of this page is to help anyone who is new to the sport see how easy and fun climbing at Rock Aliens can be.

Most people who come to Rock Aliens for the first time participate in our DEMO program. This program provide them a free session to understand the basics of climbing. To utilize our program you do not need to make reservations. You can come in anytime the gym is open. There is no special equipment needed (climbing shoes will be provided).

If you have any questions, call us(+91-9850950860) to talk to one of our helpful staff.


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what people say

Best place in Pune for rock climbing. Very friendly fellow climbers will be there with you here. India's top climbers train here.

Ishani Sawant
Ishani Sawant

Very friendly climbers and a great bouldering experience! I enjoy every time I go here 🙂

Anuj Karkare
Anuj Karkare

Best places to climb! 10/10

Jay Shinde
Jay Shinde

My favourite place to climb.

Anuj Vichare
Anuj Vichare

Cozy little bouldering wall. Atmosphere is nice, people are friendly and the hold quality is better than average in India. Campus rungs and rings for training are also available.

Cyrus Khan
Cyrus Khan

This climbing/bouldering gym, though not as big as the Shivaji Climbing wall, offers some serious technical challenges with the routes that are in place. The rates for passes are quite nominal (100 for daily passes, 1200 for monthly passes). The people practising here are Sisi write knowledgeable and helpful. The floor is completely padded and converted with crash mats which drastically reduces the chances of an injury. A must visit for climbers from Pune.

Arka Ghosh

The best place in Pune to boulder and meet friends

Mayuri Deshmukh

Very good rock climbing wall with affordable entry fees. Guys are cool.

Nitish Natu