Why do we climb? Some of us come to this sport for a sense of adventure. Some want the thrill of being high above the ground. Some of us love the physical and mental challenge of figuring out how to push your body up the wall. Some of us just want to get out of the house. What ever the reason, rock climbing can be a very intimidating sport to get started with. Rock Aliens specializes in offering climbing experiences for new climbers, as well as seasoned rock jocks. The purpose of this page is to help anyone who is new to the sport see how easy and fun climbing at Rock Aliens can be.

Most people who come to Rock Aliens for the first time participate in our DEMO program. This program provide them a free session to understand the basics of climbing. To utilize our program you do not need to make reservations. You can come in anytime the gym is open. There is no special equipment needed (climbing shoes will be provided).

If you have any questions, call us(+91-9850950860) to talk to one of our helpful staff.

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